Artificial Vision: A Clinical Guide

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More informations. Book Chapter. Sommerhalder, Jorg. Perez Fornos, Angelica. Contact an author Update request. Update Deposited on : View all records: Back to top About Swiss Copyright.

Evaluation of a Portable Artificial Vision Device Among Patients With Low Vision

Prospects and Limitations of Spatial Resolution. Sommerhalder, Jorg Perez Fornos, Angelica. Gabel, V.

A Clinical Guide

Artificial Vision: A Clinical Guide. Our sense of vision permanently captures, transmits and interprets enormous amounts of visual information. The amount of visual information that can be transmitted to the brain by the means of visual prosthesis will be severely limited and thus also limit the rehabilitation prospects of such devices.

In the reported resolution was electrodes, electrodes for each hemisphere, at best equivalent to a 15 by 16 pixel matrix. Image resolution of The vOICe: Technically proven effective resolution up to about pixels voicels per one-second soundscape, but perceptually probably further limited to some to pixels maximum due to additional limitations in human hearing.

This would compare to for instance a 32 by 32 up to a 64 by 64 pixel matrix.

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Also note that brain scans have shown that the human visual cortex can not only be activated by electrodes, but also by sounds, although the extent, plasticity and possible functional relevance of this are still largely unknown. Still, it should make one careful about the question whether seeing with sound is vision or hearing, especially after a period of adaptation. The required software is currently available for free for non-commercial personal or academic use.

Bionic eye helps blind man see with "artificial vision"

Jens Naumann about his brain implant. While this does occur over time, it is a developed thing. I was amazed that my visual part of my brain was so out of shape, and could not differentiate between one image and another.

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  7. But Jens is hopeful that as his visual cortex gets into shape and the computer engineers refine their work, things will continue to advance and improve. Search for paradise: A patient's account of the artificial vision experiment The vOICe: "Just sound"? No, It is by far more, it is sight! When I am not wearing the voice the light I perceive from a small slit in my left eye is a grey fog.

    Artificial vision a clinical guide

    When wearing the vOICe the image is light with all the little greys and blacks. Yet a definite light image. True it is not color but it is definitely like looking at a black and white TV show.