Bioprocesses and Applied Enzymology

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These evolved properties are linked to the metabolic functions of the enzymes and to the ecological aspects of the natural source. New properties can also be discovered at the molecular level of catalysis, particularly concerning the stereochemical characteristics of products. Marine enzymes for biocatalysis initially examines the nature and level of interest in marine biological diversity, and outlines the fundamentals of biocatalysis.

Enzymatic Processes in Marine Biotechnology

It goes on to detail sources of marine enzymes, and to analyse examples from both chemical and stereochemical viewpoints of catalysis, including microbial enzymes and animal or plant sources. The book goes on to explore the future potential of marine bioprospecting in biocatalysis. Academic and industrial researchers interested in new enzymes for biocatalysis and individual entrepreneurs looking to expand their investments; Pharmaceutical companies; Graduate students in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutical or biology sciences.

He graduated with honours at the University of Naples and has been Professor of Organic Chemistry in charge for several years at University of Salerno, Italy. He is the editor of a book entitled Biocatalysis: Chemistry and Biology, is a reviewer for various international scientific journals related to biocatalysis, and is also part of the Editorial Board for both Biochemistry: an Indian Journal and Marine Drugs, the leading open access journal on the research, development and production of drugs from the sea, published online monthly by MDPI.

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  • Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser! ENZYMES: Enzyme kinetics, factors affecting enzyme kinetics, production of enzymes in industrial scale, enzyme immobilization, mass transport in immobilized enzyme systems. Reactor space velocity, productivity, Monod's chemostat. Cell damage, methods of minimizing cell damage, oxygenation methods in mammalian cell cultures. Vortex formation, turbine types. Production of amino acids, organic acids, acetic acid, methane and ethanol, hormones, cytokines, interferon's and monoclonal antibodies. Applications in the food industry. Applications in environmental remediation.

    Lab practice includes cheese production-dependence on the type of milk pro-curing and the pH.

    Enzymatic Processes in Marine Biotechnology

    Comparison of enzyme and inorganic acid cellulose degradation. Immobilization of enzyme in gels of polyacrylamid, alginic acid and gelatin-comparison of immobilization. Fermentation of grape juice-production of ethanol-dependence of the fermentation speed on glucose concentration, on initial cell concentration and stirring speed. Measurement of cell biomass concentration.