Climate Change: A Beginner’s Guide

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Climate Change

Smith, a novel about the very real possibility that the gulf coast could be devastated by hurricanes in our near future. After the area is quarantined post-hurricanes and a severe outbreak of Delta fever, most of the world believes the population in the Delta is heading towards extinction; however, our protagonist Fen de la Guerre is struggling to survive with an O-Positive Blood Tribe in the wasteland of Orleans. While working for an insurance agency that protects corporations from impending climate disasters, mathematician Mitchell Zukor becomes obsessed with worst-case scenario natural disasters.

When one of his predictions for doomsday comes true, Mitchell becomes a media sensation for having predicted the destruction of Manhattan. There have been some excellent Cli-Fi short stories worth checking out as well. Phillips fills her collection with speculative and strange worlds, many of which explore the ramifications of climate change.

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Many of the worlds in these stories might not even be Earth, but the effects of pollution and classism have a direct connection to the changing climate, whether these places are our planet or somewhere similar. For the Sci-Fi fan who likes their fiction a little weird, this collection of short stories is perfect. This is the debut short story collection for author Olivia Clare, who was previously more famous for her poetry. Not all of the stories in the collection are directly related to natural disasters.

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You can read that story online as well. If you want to learn more about Climate Fiction, a lot of people are writing about this new genre.

What are your favorite Cli-Fi stories? Let us know in the comments.

Listen Shop Insiders. Some scientists fear natural processes could accelerate the warming. For instance, melting permafrost may release frozen methane , a potent greenhouse gas.

What Is Cli-Fi? A Beginner’s Guide to Climate Fiction

There is still considerable uncertainty about how much the world will warm this century, and how fast. Much depends on whether we can curb rising emissions of CO 2 , as the gas stays in the air for centuries. We are now about halfway there. Trending Latest Video Free. One in 16 US women were forced into having sex for the first time Deliberate drowning of Brazil's rainforest is worsening climate change Mathematicians find a completely new way to write the number 3 New Scientist Live The world's greatest science festival Sim Singhrao on the secrets of a healthy mind at New Scientist Live.

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Does alien life have to look like us? Or even be intelligent? When two people fancy each other their heart rates jump in harmony Don't miss: the art of science, vanishing cetaceans and edited humans Marcus du Sautoy at NSLive: Can computers ever be truly creative? Australia has a huge shortage of the medical isotope needed for scans.