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In fact much of the material presented in the initial degrees of these orders, such as the Lesser Pentagram and Hexagram Rituals 10 , are designed to prepare the student for working with the ultimate integration of the various symbols of Hermetic and Cabalistic magick that is the heart of the second order of the Golden Dawn This integration and correlation of symbols is sometimes naturally derived from the angelic communications, sometimes based on the geometric indications in the Dee corpus12 and sometimes the wholly synthetic creation of the chiefs of the Golden Dawn.

There are significant problems with much of this synthetic material 13 , including the correlation of the Keys to the divisions of the Watchtowers, the derivation of angelic hierarchies and the directional mechanics of the Watchtowers themselves.

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These problems will be elucidated and some solutions offered in the analysis of The Watchtowers, which follows this introduction and overview. The Watchtower structure begins with the Round Table of Nalvage and progresses to the construction of the Watchtowers themselves, where the Calls or Keys are both related and divergent. The Watchtowers are themselves complex magikal figures from which lengthy hierarchies of angels can be derived. It should also be noted that the hierarchies thereof are related not only to the symbolism of the biblical books of Revelation and Ezekiel but provide geometric means of associating and conjuring various complex combinations of elemental, sub-elemental, planetary and zodiacal forces.

In the chapters following, each of these divisions will be dealt with in detail and the mechanics and literature of each analyzed. This analysis will proceed, naturally, from the Watchtower hierarchies of the elemental realms of the Earth through the planetary spheres of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the various heptarchial structures related to it, to the aethyric realms of the 30 Aires.

The divisions of the Aires will then be correlated back to their earthly junctions within the network of the hierarchies of the Watchtowers showing how each part of the system is a thread in the complex tapestry that makes up the structure of Enochian magick. All of the available literature and approaches will be explored, the logic and problems with each explained and some new hypotheses proposed.

These will be elucidated by exercises that will lead students to a greater understanding of each part in turn. Many of the axioms for understanding the logic of Enochian magick are derived from the works of John Dee 14 and the Spirit Actions themselves 15 , so the student is advised to begin collecting this material, as they are able. Beyond that, the serious practitioner of the Enochian system will want to scrutinize many of the other contributions, but these will be dealt with in turn in the following overview.

In order to fully appreciate and operate the intricacies of Enochian magick, a basic understanding of Euclidean geometry, astronomy, astrology, logic, grammar and the renaissance magikal point of view is vital. The student is encouraged to acquire a straight edge, compass and the books of Euclid 16 and begin the process of construction indicated therein. Beyond that, some indications are given in the notes herein and in the material that will follow, but the student is left to their own ingenium to devise a course of studies that will fill in the gaps of knowledge and understanding as they arise.

Share on Twitter Facebook Pinterest. The Book of Enoch. The student of Enochian magick may find fruitful correlations between this thirty-fold structure and the 30 Aeons of classical Gnostic symbolism cf. Mead, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten and the developments of E. Gold in his New American Book of the Dead. IV: 2.

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The Three Books have recently been very usefully edited by Donald Tyson. Each of the 4 Lesser Hexagram forms has, in fact, 6 linear formulations and these in turn correlate to the 24 Seniors. Though these keys apply across the entire system, the Introduction to Euclid applies particularly to the Elemental system, the Monas Hieroglyphic to the Planetary system and Propaedumata Aphoristica to the Zodiacal. Air Tablet with Latin Lettering. Earth Tablet with Latin Lettering. Fire Tablet with Flashing Crosses.

Water Tablet with Flashing Crosses. Air Tablet with Flashing Crosses. Earth Tablet already flashes.


Fire: Flashing Crosses and Border. Water: Flashing Crosses and Border. Air: Flashing Crosses and Border.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Aries

Earth: Flashing Crosses and Border. Truncated Pyramid Fire Tablet. Truncated Pyramid Water Tablet. Truncated Pyramid Air Tablet.

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Truncated Pyramid Earth Tablet. Enochian Chess Fire Board. Enochian Chess Water Board. Enochian Chess Air Board. Enochian Chess Earth Board. Fire Tablet with Enochian Lettering.

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Water Tablet with Enochian Lettering. Air Tablet with Enochian Lettering. Earth Tablet with Enochian Letters. Fire: Crosses in Flashing Colors. Water: Crosses in Flashing Colors. Air: Crosses in Flashing Colors. Earth: with Flashing Crosses.

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