Land Without Justice

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Many familiar figures stride through the book, people I have interviewed over the past decades.

Living in a Land Without Justice

Although the author says early on why he did not focus on Assam, the other major state of Highway 39 , this omission is a weakness in an otherwise gripping read. The State and its agencies get hardest hit; he unabashedly takes sides and expresses anger at both armed groups and the military as he maps the trauma of a girl who was arrested because the police wanted to "get" her parents.

His stories are laced with large doses of cynicism, but with unforced humour. There's the catfish on a bus that nearly got away, the trip across the border to Tamu in Myanmar that nearly went wrong. There are stories of liquor and music easing tensions but barely keeping the peace, of a Republic Day parade in Imphal, which only reinforces the Kafkaequeness of the situation in that unfortunate state where the lead vehicle breaks down even as the last arch of the parade proclaims that "Manipur is the Gateway to South East Asia" alas, many students who travel to the mainland don't like to return home for vacations because of fear of both the security forces and the underground.


Highway 39 bristles with impatience, indignation and insistently points out that the fractured land is not just the one through which the writer was travelling, but that to which it's bound, constitutionally if not umbilically. Highway 39 anatomises criminality of the State in North-east A political travelogue anatomises the criminality of the State in the North-east. Manipur Police detain and question locals Photo: AP. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from. Post your comment.

For the rest of the war the Poetschkes hid her in the basement and attic of Goldman house while they lived upstairs.

Land and social (in)justice in South Sumatra | Global Forest Watch Blog Global Forest Watch Blog

After liberation only about returned — and according to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum virtually all of them soon left after encountering lingering antisemitism. Such was the case with Blanka.

Demands made by the participants in the JAN SATYAGRAHA

She left the Poetschkes to administer the estate under her power of attorney. The parties haggled over terms without striking a final agreement. He donated half the 8, square metres to the church, sold the other half and pocketed the money.

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It was only in the s that he resumed contact with the Drillichs. He said nothing about the plots that went to the church. He has since died.

After what seemed like the final legal victory for Drillich in , the church concocted new proceedings about these already-adjudicated matters and dialled up the tone. And the whole time they were working on the minister of justice to bring the appeal. The European Union sees judicial independence undermined.

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To be fair, his is a non-exclusive club. Free speech is a fragile thing in contemporary Poland.

The original law sought to jail offenders. Six million Poles were murdered during the second world war, three million of them Jews — nearly half of all the Jews killed in the Holocaust. Scholars see in the laws an attempt to whitewash the role of Poles in the Jewish genocide and substitute a nationalist fairytale in which victims cannot also be perpetrators. Ironically, that proposition is most powerfully and unwittingly debunked in the speech — conspicuously free — of nationalists themselves.

It is part and parcel of a larger campaign to elevate the myth, the fantasy, of national innocence. Polish nationalists argue that Poland, which did not capitulate to the Nazis — a fact many Holocaust scholars agree should be better known — has not been adequately compensated by Germany. In short, restitution is a loaded issue; one the government is keen to weaponise. Enter Drillich.

Land Without Justice

Drillich, meanwhile, pleads her cause near and far. Through intermediaries, she has asked senior Catholics in Australia to intervene with their counterparts in Poland. I would not be looking to demolish the church. Given everything?