Landsat : a global land-observing program

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Before the free data policy, the USGS and private sector sold at most 3, Landsat images per month. In the first full year of free data policy, users downloaded more than 1 million images. That number has shot up over time, with more than 20 million images downloaded in The number of Landsat-related scientific publications also increased rapidly. More than four times as many scientific publications came out in as did in The free data policy has opened the doors for new research. The use of Landsat data to track landscape changes over time increased rapidly after the new policy, which has advanced remote sensing science in a variety of ways.

With the denser Landsat data, scientists can create better land cover maps ; more accurately detect landscape changes ; and map natural resources in near real-time. Landsat data is also archived by several commercial cloud computing services, such as Google Earth Engine and Amazon Web Services. This allows less-established institutions to use Landsat data and lets people share the code they used to analyze images more easily.

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Charging a fee for Landsat data would jeopardize the continued availability of Landsat data in private sector archives. In a paper, the National Geospatial Advisory Committee analyzed 16 economic sectors — such as water consumption, wildfire mapping and agriculture — in which Landsat data has lead to substantial productivity savings. For example, the U. More than 1. One in five policies are issued in areas subject to flooding, leading to higher premiums.

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Before Landsat data was used for mapping crop flood zones, the flooding areas were very broad, causing many farmers with little potential for flooding to pay a lot more. Today, the flood rate maps are updated constantly based on newly collected Landsat images. The researchers estimated that the Risk Management Agency would have to raise premiums for more than , policies each year, if it could not use Landsat data. In the past, some proportion of the Landsat data was downloaded directly from the ground stations.

Preview and Convenient imagery downloading are the key features of Land Viewer. We have created a unique environment for bringing together distributors and data providers by providing a universal platform for image processing and analysis. Thus, each distributor of images thanks to the EOS platform will be able to find its remote sensing data consumer.

Home Land Viewer. Land Viewer LandViewer is a simple, intuitive web interface that EOS provides as a direct market product to the public.

Start now. And for casual users and the general public, dedicated tools to process the vast Landsat imagery archive are lacking.


Spectral Discovery for Landsat-8 Imagery fill in this gap. Standalone tool set performs a few critical steps of analyses:. We believe these tools are very useful for a wide range of users who are interested in analysing the latest Landsat-8 imagery. Step 1: Simple and convenient band combination to make three-band imagery composite. Step 2: Adaptive linear and non-linear image histogram stretching over the three-band imagery composite.

Step 4: Calculating image feature indices and band ratios. Run time:. It is with great privilege that we all have access to such a superior imagery source.

We are motivated and have tried our best to develop the tools that can preserve that high quality as much as possible. We are confident that anyone even with little image processing experience can perform the above analysis. It is our hope that more people can take advantage of and benefit from the excellent Landsat-8 imagery.

Rapid Processing for Innovative Applications. This unique software can be used for for a wide range of environmental studies, including:. Two more button clicks : To rapidly make or band combinations using Landsat-8's full spectral bands in a batch mode :. Example 1: Mapping fire scars burnt areas with numerous band combinations in an automated procedure. Example 3: Pan-sharpening of Landsat-8 imagery from coarse 30m-resolution Left to very sharp 15m-resolution Right.

Exploratory image feature extraction with image indices e. Example 5: Classifying and estimating water surface areas in an automated procedure. Need a global satellite imagery mosaic? Please take a look at the high-quality global satellite imagery mosaics 30m-resolution, multiple styles in ELS series. Automated, exploratory land cover classifications at 30m and 15m resolutions, at the global scale ongoing.

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  5. Others: Processed Samples. Truly natural-colour, full-scene examples for the "Vivid Earth" series - To view our land more clearly and colourfully!


    Comparison and evaluation Please evaluate the quality of the processed imagery stretched and pan-sharpened in terms of: - spectral consistency - colour saturation - colour contrast - spatial precision - object detail - spatial sharpness - spatial texture Be the judge on the performance of the tools.

    Quality Matters! PhotoShop , and Google Earth Pro. It only takes about 1 minute to process each full scene on an ordinary computer. All daily scenes can be processed as above and efficiently delivered as soon as they are available in the following formats for professionals in remote sensing and GIS fields, as well as the general public :.