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Keyboard Sonata in E Major, K. Keyboard Sonata in A Major, K. Keyboard Sonata in A Minor, K. Keyboard Sonata in B Minor, K. Keyboard Sonata in D Minor, K. Keyboard Sonata in G Minor, K. Buy an album or an individual track.

Carlo Grante

Or listen to our entire catalogue with our high-quality unlimited streaming subscriptions. The downloaded files belong to you, without any usage limit. You can download them as many times as you like. Download the Qobuz apps for smartphones, tablets and computers, and listen to your purchases wherever you go. If they were far from being the only musicians involved, it is through their respective careers that we have discovered that blues, far from being an outdated musical genre, is some kind of getaway to other musical areas and has allowed for endless innovations. Is creation a male privilege?

Our sound museum does hold more well-known and recognised male than female composers. Yet their works are no less exciting and there is absolutely no reason for them to play second fiddle, or be ignored altogether. Richard Wigmore introduces an enduring and vividly communicative dramatic form. Categories: All Back. See all genres Good Deals. See entire Electronic catalogue Good Deals. See entire Rap catalogue Good Deals.

See entire Soundtrack catalogue Good Deals. See entire Classical catologue Good Deals. See entire Jazz catalogue Good Deals. See entire library of World music Good Deals. See entire Childrens catalogue Good Deals. All of his work is highly poetic and romantic. Bac Prelude and fugue no. A hilarious fugue with chopsticks on the RH and very fast scales over two octaves on the LH.

An excellent 6 Paderewsky Minuet op. Poetic and romantic. A beautiful, magical piece with a fast broken chord accompaniment creating a mist of sound around the right hand melody. Very impressive watch out for the glissandi! This piece was originally written for harp. Main difficulty is pedal use. The melody is in the left hand while the right hand plays a repeated but complex dotted rhythm 4 Prokofiev Music for Children Op. Sounds much more difficult than it actually is. Wonderfully tonal and yet very modern. Fast and delicate with lots of thirds and scale runs on the right hand, but no difficulty at all in the left hand.

Difficult to play at full speed but easy if played slowly and still effective Recorded by Ivo Pogorelich for DG. A minor - Presto Electrical piece with ultra fast scale rushes. Looks easy on the page, but wait until you try to play it up to tempo 7 Scarlatti Sonata K G minor Allegro In spite of the tempo indication this is a slow, lyrical sonata. Melancholic and intense. One of my favourites. Look no further than this sparkling 6 Scarlatti Sonata K gigue. E major Presto Virtuosistic sonata that is the sort of expected Scarlatti: guitar imitation, Spanish rhythms, fast scales in thirds, repeated notes and lots of ornaments.

Great show off piece. If you want to develop a certain kind of technique, burn the Czerny and play this 8 Scarlatti Sonata K sonata A majorinstead. Crossing hands. Broken chords figuration in both hands. Sonata K Harmonically adventurous and mood setting. A masterpiece. Surprisingly romantic, could very well have been composed by someone like Schubert. Very untypical Scarlatti. Achingly Sonata K beautiful melody. Arpeggio figurations and lots of crossing hands. Slow and melancholic. Although just one page long it requires some musical maturity to be truly effective.

This is an ideal piece to open a recital, since it is slow and introspective it will calm you down. This is a real gem. Only 24 bars long, technically unchallenging grade 3 , and yet one of the most beautiful sonatas. Slow paced and exuding tranquillity, this reflective piece is the best of the four. Excellent for waking up the audience! Figurations are shared equally by both hands. Excellent Czerny replacement and superior warm up piece. Equally effective at a slower tempo. As the Cheyene Indians found of saying it makes my heart soar like a hawk. One of the most catchy motifs amongst all sonatas it makes one wish to dance and jump for joy.

This is amazing music. Written mostly in 3-voice Sonata K counterpoint. Another masterpiece. Very unusual sonata. The main difficulty is to be found in the several bars where the hands cross. There are some thirds and sixths but they are easily negotiable. An all time favourite. Wide skips, echo effects, but fits the hand surprisingly 6 Scarlatti Sonata k well. D minor Allegro A determined and energetic gavotte, one of Scarlattis most played and well known pieces. Spend sometime analysing its structure before tackilng it at the piano.

Couterpoint in three and four parts. Said to be Horowitz favourite Sonata K Scarlatti sonata. Richly textured. It has everything in it: Horn calls, fast repeated notes, trills, suspensions, cross relations, parallel fifths, big leaps, scale runs and guitar imitations. Excellent as a study in voicing. Recital material for the intermediate player. Fast repeated notes, broken chords, arpeggios, leaps, crossing hands, scale runs. This unusual, percussive watch out for the castanet sounds! Leaping bass figures, double notes in both hands. Unusual and difficult.

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Try this sonata instead. A breezy arpeggio study with very fast triplet semiquavers. Uplifting and extroverted. Go and jump on a lake, Hanon!. Great fun to play and an excellent virtuosistic piece to end a recital on a high note. If you are looking for a Czerny alternative look no further: it is a study for the left hand plus repeated notes, broken thirds, sixths and octaves.

Also good practice for quick adjustments. One of my all time favourites. Catchy and uplifiting. A fast toccata with lots of repeated notes over long stretches. Broken chords and skips.

Virtuosic with dissonant guitar strumming in the left hand and lots of cross hands. Excellent as a study replacement. Although it sounds dazzling and virtuosic it is much easier than it sounds. Main difficulty are the fast alternating hands. The left hand which demands a hand span covering at least an octave plays sonorous chords and tone clusters with up to ten notes! This Sonata was composed in Here Scarlatti succeeds in making conventional harmonies with slight changes sound quite extraordinary for the period.

The Sonata has real Spanish character with vitality and bravura. Musically, the guitar-like sounds of the left hand chords are particularly fascinating. Expansive, sonorous qualities. Dramatic and powerful, this 2 voice invention with a third voice intruding on 4 bars near the start of the second part is still effective at a slower tempo. One of my 7 Scarlatti Sonata K Arpeggios favourites. An insistent and catchy motif keeps bringing the sonata together.

Mitsuko Uchida, Schubert Piano Sonata No.21 in B flat, D. 960

Unusual syncopations. Requires a sizeable hand span and Sonata K accurate skips in some of the figurations. Tranquil and luminous, this is a masterpiece. A slow, full-of-longing melody increases gradually in intensity up to an unusual harmonic climax. Great to play and to listen to. Enharmonic modulations Sonata K and movement into remote keys. Lyrical and tranquil.

Slightly reminiscent of K A lyrical and calm sonata. Excellent for finger control and co-ordination, it is actually much easier than it sounds. Great fun to play. A most beautiful melody on the second part. Harmonically advanced and elaborate at seven pages is one of the longest sonatas - this is a masterful sonata with a superb central melody. Reflective and spiritual. Technically undemanding. This is joyful music that makes you want to skip and jump and dance! This is the kind of music that makes you smile for hours after listening to it.

This cures depression, serious! Great for your trills and glissando-like scales.

Catalogue of the Keyboard Sonatas

It is said to represent children running through the streets of Madrid. Rich textures and highly musical. Very good as a study in long phrases. Sudden dramatic 8 Scarlatti Sonata K silences. G major Prestissimo Wonderfully exhilarating sonata, both to play and to listen to. The tempo direction as fast as possible gives you an idea of what to expect. A really electric and uplifting work requiring pianism of the utmost degree.

Has a recurring motif that is incredibly joyful and catchy. My favourite fast sonata. But only if you play it at top speed. It is still effective at lower speeds. Counterpoint in three and four parts.

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Although this should be played fast, it is still effective if use a slower tempo. Just 16 bars.

Repeated notes. Unexpected changes. Good Czerny replacement and 5 Scarlatti warm-up C major piece. Allegro A beautiful sonata full of guitar sounds and Spanish Sonata K nostalgia. A fast introduction is followed by a most evocative second 8 Scarlatti Sonata K part. F minor Andante moderato - A masterpiece. Beautiful, slow lyrical sonata. As it is often the case with the lyrical sonatas, this one elicits tranquillity and peacefulness rather than melancholy and grief. Excellent for developing rhythm awareness of triplets versus quavers. It 6 Scarlatti Sonata K alsomajor G has 3 against 2.

Starts with determined, percussive chords, Allegretto which are followed by a fast figuration of great delicacy equally shared between the hands. Good Czerny replacement and warm up. Fast and dazzling this sonata exudes confidence.

Keyboard Sonata In B-Flat Major, K/L/P - Carlo Grante | Shazam

Uses the whole keyboard. And if you need a study in phrasing and legato this sonata is for you! Difficult octave leaps on the left hand. Dotted figuration, including dotted rests. This is a 2 voice invention with the figurations equally distributed between the hands.

Piano Sonata in B-flat major, K. 498a

Urgent and dramatic it will still be effective at a slower tempo. Technical problems are 8 Scarlatti Sonata K minimal. C major Pastorale: Moderato Molto allegro Presto One of the few sonatas written in different movements tempos. Shepherd pipes and bagpipes drones are imitated. The final movement presto is exhilarating and virtuosic. This Pastorale was composed in during Scarlatti's late period. It recalls the piping of the shepherds who came down into Rome from the surrounding hills at Christmas time.

They begin in a moderate tempo, the drone of their bagpipes is heard in a quicker section, and finally they celebrate in a joyful Presto. With a typical baroque figuration shared by both hands, this one is ideal for scales, broken chords and close position passage work, and excellent for finger independence and dexterity.