The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, Book 1)

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Temujin became known to history as Genghis Khan. Casca is imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition after claiming to have been present at the crucifixion. He escapes after a long imprisonment and sails for South America with the expedition led by Hernando Cortes. Casca sails the high seas with Blackbeard and other dread buccaneer chieftains.

Beginning date of - Events of Casca: The Warrior. Casca is marooned on a South Seas island inhabited by warring cannibal tribes. He fights his way to the chieftanship of one of these groups using his knowledge of modern firearms and tactics. Casca fights with British forces in World War I. The epic tank battle at Kursk is described. When the Fuehrer is unrepentant to the Jews' suffering, the enraged and saddened Casca shoots him to death and fights his way past the Russian forces to leave Berlin and the war behind him.

Casca accepts a contract to rescue the daughter of a munitions manufacturer held captive by a Berber tribal chieftain.

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Casca fights for Israel during the Six Day War. A movie based only on this one book with flash backs to his earlier life would be a blockbuster!

Originally Posted By hardcorps Nice! I saw that pic and thought it was Thomas Jane for a sec - he could be another good choice. But Stapleton definitely has that warrior look. Originally Posted By hardcorps Originally Posted By Fulminata: I have most, if not all, of that series in a moving box packed away in the basement.

Ivan, did you see the sunrise? VA, USA. Originally Posted By Fulminata: Thomas Jane could definitely pull it off as well, if you want to go even further out of the box could always throw someone like Eric Bana or Anthony Starr from Banshee into the mix. Casca has pretty basic requirements to cast, you need a guy that can do physical scenes, looks "Roman" enough to be believable, is old enough to buy the veteran of wars look without being so old that you don't buy he can kick ass, and can act well enough pull off a thousand yard stare while delivering something like Ray Batty's death speech from Bladerunner.

Not every actor can pull all that off, obviously, but it's not as restrictive of a talent pool as if you were doing something like Elric of Melnibone, that would be a cast iron bitch to pull off casting for, at least for the role of Elric. A 5'6" to 5'8" stocky guy who looks like this. I would go watch that movie. I loved the books. Time well wasted. Originally Posted By Aimless: If people were smart, lawyers would not have boats.

WI, USA. Got everyone of those books as they came out Originally Posted By sirensong: never seen 'the seventh sign', i take it?


Originally Posted By Fulminata: Brain leaking out from taking a 7. Blood Eagle? Buried in the sand with your eyelids cut off so the rising sun blinds you before the rising tide drowns you and aquatic creatures strip the flesh from your body? Aztec heart ripping fun? Those books had it all and then-some.

I can't honestly remember a horrible way someone sometimes even Casca wasn't killed in those books off the top of my head. Maybe being tied to railroad tracks right before the to Yuma but hell I may just be forgetting that from one of the books too. They were bloody as hell, and when I was in HS I couldn't wait for the next one to come out. Originally Posted By primuspilum: Yeah, not quite Sadler's version though.

Originally Posted By primuspilum: Originally Posted By sirensong: never seen 'the seventh sign', i take it?

Casca #1: The Eternal Mercenary

Hadn't thought of these books in ages. I've got the series up through the late 20's, but after 23 or so the various authors after Barry Sadler didn't do it for me. Was surprised to see they are still going and up to Posted Via AR Com Mobile. Sean Bean. Bariatric Pogrom Specialist. Any number of super athletic women will do.

Originally Posted By primuspilum: Later books were ghost written. Any series like that gets lame after the 5th or 6th book. Another one with a great half dozen books in the beginning of the series was the Gor series by John Norman.

Ray Stevenson. He's already got the street cred from playing Titus Pullo. Although he's put on a few pounds since his HBO Rome days, time for a personal trainer and physician-monitored steroids. Great series! I had forgotten about them. The best one was definitely during WWII. His character in Rome easily matches up to Casca.

Living the CW six pack club dream. Originally Posted By krpind: lol No Casca was no priest. SC, USA. Karl Urban would play the role well, I think. I read most of them and had to stop after they got so repetative. The first book was okay, it would have needed to have been condensed, I would cut out all the China crap and just stick to Europe. It would have potential for a regular TV show, each season can focus on a different stage of his journey. MD, USA. Originally Posted By grendelbane: To be fair, I don't think he wrote very many of the later books.

He probably didn't even check them for errors as obvious as this one. The first few books are the best. I know how you feel though. I felt the same way when David Drake had a character extract a chambered round from a Ppsh