User and non-user benefit analysis for highways

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The orange line on the top -- user fees -- is declining, while non-user fees -- the blue line -- are rising.


As new technologies develop, cars [ and trucks, too — gee, you guys DO realize truckers pay fuel taxes, right? The result of that disparity is, of course, predictable — today, Pew found, user fee revenue as a share of total highway-related funds is at an all-time low since the Interstate Highway System was created in Going back further, the trend is more pronounced.

Benefit-Cost Analysis - MnDOT

Subsidyscope also addressed another tricky issue when it comes to highway funding: the fact that not all user fees collected are made available for highway purposes. Of the Another 0. Subsidyscope's analysis was conducted on available data through The dataset and analysis were released as part of Subsidyscope's broader look at all federal spending on subsidy programs in the transportation sector, including rail, aviation, highways and maritime.

Subsequent analyses will look at other sectors such as energy, healthcare, nonprofits and housing. Subsidyscope's goal is to make data on federal spending and subsidies more transparent and accessible to the public, the media and policymakers and does not take a position on the value of any subsidy.

User and Non-User Benefit Analysis for Highways

Press Releases and Statements November 24, Read time:. A road with sharp curves and steep grades require frequent speed changes;presence of intersections require stopping idling and accelerating; vehicle operation on road stretches with high traffic volume or congestion necessitate speed changes and stopping and increased travel time; all these factors result in an increase in every component of vehicle operation cost.

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Un-even pavement surface condition with ruts, pot holes, undulations, waves and corrugations increases the vehicle operation cost due to increase in fuel consumption, tyre wear and the general maintenance cost of the vehicle. Saving in travel time is of direct consequence to commercial vehicles due to possible increase in their trip length and earning per unit time. Benefits due to saving in travel time may be assigned in terms of time cost of vehicles.

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Value may also be assigned for the saving in travel time of passengers. The reduction in the accident rate due to improvements in the highway facilities causes considerable benefits to the road users and others. The component of the accident costs may include cost of damages to vehicles and other properties, cost for investigations, legal proceedings etc. The benefits to other than road users include the enhancement in land value, increase in the employment opportunities and related economic uplift.

Non- Quantifiable Benefits: The non- quantifiable benefits due to improvements in highway facilities include reduction in fatigue and discomfort during travel, increase in comfort and conveniences and improvement in general amenities, social and educational aspects, development of recreational and medical services, improved mobility of essential services and defense forces, aesthetic values, etc. Yet another important intangible road user benefit is the reduced suffering and pain of those involved in highway accidents. Thanks for your kind visit!

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